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How to make a Cucumber Collins

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? Cucumber Collins recipe ?

Do you want a cocktail a bit like a Gin and Tonic but just different? Maybe you’ve had just enough GT’s for now and want a change? Then I’m happy to present a Cucumber Collins for you. A refreshing cocktail that’s not fruity but bitter and on the sour side. ??

Cucumber Collins is a twist of the original craft cocktail called a Tom Collins. Tom Collins was invented by the one and only Jerry Thomas. Jerry Thomas was the very  first author of a cocktail book. He is a legend in the industry and is especially known for the book called “Bar-Tenders Guide“.

Here you will get my Cucumber Collins cocktail recipe so you can make it at home. Cheers for that! ????

Do you know anyone who loves gin? ???

Then share this recipe with them so they can make something more interesting than a GT! ???

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How to make a Cucumber Collins - Cucumber Collins Cocktail Recipe - How to make Cucumber Collins - Cucumber Collins Cocktail Recipe

Cucumber Collins recipe

Cocktail Recipe of a Cucumber Collins:

Ingredients in one cocktail:

  • 4 cl Gin ?
  • 3 cl Lemon ?
  • 2,5 cl Sugar Syrup ?
  • Top with Soda Water ?
  • Cucumber ?
  • Measuring cups ⚖️
  • Ice cubes ❄️
  • Bar spoon ?
  • Cocktail Shaker ⚱️
  • Strainer and a Double Strainer ?
  • A glass to serve in ?
  • Your good mood! ?
  • Possibly some thirsty guests you can make it to! ????

How to make it:

  1. I highly recommend that you have all from the list above. If not then it’s just not gonna taste as great.
  2. Start by pouring gin and sugar syrup into your cocktail shaker.
  3. Next you peel your cucumber. You need 3 cucumber peels. One you put into the cocktail shaker.
  4. Now you squeeze half a lemon (with should be 3 cl). Put it into your cocktail shaker.
  5. Fill the shaker with lots of ice cubes.
  6. Close the shaker properly. You don’t want to spill all over your kitchen. We do like making cocktails but we don’t like cleaning.
  7. Shake it off (like Taylor Swift sings). Stop shaking when you can feel the shaker is all chilled.
  8. Now open your cocktail shaker by giving it a small clap on the side.
  9. Double strain the cocktail into your glassware.
  10. Fill the glassware with fresh ice cubes.
  11. Top the cocktail slightly with soda water.
  12. Now you garnish with the two other cucumber peels. One in the glass and one folded on top. Watch the video below for more help.
  13. Serve it and make a toast with your happy guests! ????

My advice on how to twist the cocktail:

  • Cucumber Collins can be twisted in a bunch of ways.
  • The easy one is to remove cucumber. Then you got a Tom Collins. Then you can switch to Vodka instead of Gin. Then you got a John Collins.
  • More interesting twist could be to add egg white to the cocktail. Then you have a cucumber fizz. Maybe add some bitter as well. It’s really a great cocktail!
  • You can also change the spirit. Try the cocktail with snaps etc.
  • Or maybe change the soda water. Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale should both work nicely.
  • At last you can of course make another version of the collins. Remove the cucumber from the cocktail and add rosemary/thyme/berries or whatever you feel like instead.

Share my Cucumber Collins cocktail and let’s make the world forget all about Gin and Tonic just for a day or two! (I know it never happens but I still wanna give it a shot okay.. ?)

Cheers! ??????

Isn’t is time for a Cocktail Party soon!? I should ask for your friends.. ??

Watch how I make a Cucumber Collins cocktail:

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