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How to make a Negroni

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? Negroni recipe ?

Do you want a bitter cocktail recipe that you can enjoy in a relaxing Mad Men style? Then check out my Negroni recipe. It is filled with charm and it’s a perfect aperitif.

Like many other classic cocktails, there is a lot of doubt about when and who exactly should have the honor of the Negroni cocktail. A story goes back to 1919 in Florence in Italy at Café Casoni. Here one of the usual guests Camillo Negroni asked the bartender after a stronger version of his favorite cocktail the Americano (Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Soda Water). The Bartender Fosco Scarselli then put in gin instead of soda water. He also garnished it with an orange peel instead of lemon peel.

Here you will get my cocktail recipe so you can make it at home. In fact, you should not use more than 3 ingredients. Cheers for that! ????

Do you know anyone who loves gin? ???

Then share this recipe with them so they can make something more interesting than a GT! ???

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Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Opskriften på en Negroni:

Ingredients in one cocktail:

  • 3 cl Gin ?
  • 3 cl Sweet Vermut ?
  • 3 cl Campari ?
  • 1 dash Orange Bitter ?
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitter ?
  • 3 orange peel ?
  • Measuring cups ⚖️
  • Ice cubes ❄️
  • Bar spoon ?
  • Mixer glass ?
  • A glass to serve in ?
  • Your good mood! ?
  • Possibly some thirsty guests you can make it to! ????

How to make it:

  1. Make sure you got everything above.  It just doesn’t go well without it. As an example if you lack ice cubes, it will be a lukewarm pleasure.
  2. Find your mixer glass and fill it with ice cubes.
  3. Pour gin, campari and sweet vermouth into your mixer glass.
  4. Peel an orange . You want 3 orange peels. The first two you use now.
  5. Squeeze the two orange peels and place them in your mixing glass.
  6. Put 1 dash of Angostura Bitter and 1 dash of Orange Bitter into your mixer glass .
  7. Next you stir your cocktail with your bar spoon.
  8. Stir the cocktail carefully. Taste during the stirring and stop when you think the cocktail is all chilled and not too watered. If you stirred too much and the cocktail is all diluted, then pour some more spirits and stir again.
  9. Pour the cocktail into your cocktail glass.
  10. Fill the glass with ice cubes .
  11. Garnish the cocktail with the last orange peel.
  12. Serve and toast with your happy guests! ????

My advice on how to twist the cocktail:

  • I strongly recommend that you try different variations of the Negroni. Try changing which bitter you use or the brand of gin or which sweet vermouth you use. You can also try to changing the Campari with another bitter.
  • I have had a great pleasure changing the Campari with Aperol. This makes it a bit sweeter and way easier to drink.
  • Another easy twist is to replace the gin with a different spirit. It could be anything from snaps, bourbon or tequila. Find your own personal favorite.
  • You can also change the gin with soda water. That way you got an Americano, as mentioned earlier.

Share my Negroni cocktail and make the world bitter in a amazing way!

Cheers! ???????

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Watch how I make a Negroni cocktail:

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