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How to make White Russian with Licorice

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 White Russian with Licorice

The Best Cocktails with Licorice? Then you need to try a White Russian with Licorice. It’s easy to make and really tasty. Yummy!

This is my own danish twist of the White Russian. Licorice is a danish thing and we just love it. Here I put it in my White Russian and it works pretty well.

White Russian is actually a twist itself. It’s a twist of the Black Russian which was invented back in the 1949.

A small licorice fun fact: Licorice comes from the plant Glycyrrhiza.

Here is the full cocktail recipe so you can make it in your kitchen!

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Licorice White Russian recipe - How to make a White Russian recipe

Licorice White Russian Cocktail Recipe

Recipe of a White Russian with Licorice

Ingredients in one cocktail:

4 cl Vodka ?

5 cl Whole Milk or Cream or Half N’ Half ?

1,5 cl Licorice Liquor ?

1,5 cl Coffee Licor ☕️

5 cl Pineapple Juice

Jigger ⚖️

Cubed Ice ❄️

Mexican Elbow (A squeezer) ⚙️

Cocktail Shaker ⚱️

Strainers ?

Cocktail Glass ?

Your good vibe! ?

Some awesome people you can serve! ????

How to make it:

  1. Mare sure you got all ingredients mentioned above. Without that the result will not be the same.
  2. Find your cocktail shaker.
  3. Start by pouring the vodka in your cocktail shaker.
  4. Next pour the whole milk or cream into your shaker.
  5. Then add the coffee liquor and the licorice liquor to the glass.
  6. Now fill your cocktail shaker and your glass with ice. Make sure you fill both.
  7. Close the cocktail shaker so it’s proper closed. If not you gonna spill all over the place. Which is only fun the first 5 seconds.
  8. Now shake, smile and serve! – Shake it hard and fast.
  9. Open the cocktail shaker by giving it a small clap on the side of the shaker.
  10. Strain it into the glass and notice how the foamy milk and vodka layer on top of the coffee and licorice liquor.
  11. Garnish with chocolate flakes, coffee beans, star anis, licorice powder or a licorice pibe. Or go crazy and garnish with all of it.
  12. Serve and toast with your happy guests! ????

My advice on how to twist the cocktail:

You can twist the White Russian in a bunch of ways:

  • I really love substituting the milk with chocolate. That makes it a bit sweeter but I really love chocolate. So nice!
  • Another cool twist is adding a special syrup or liquor to the classic recipe. It could be amaretto, caramel syrup or whatever you like.
  • At last try changing the vodka with rum or tequila. I’m a huge fan of both!

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Watch how I rock my twist of a Amaretto Sour:

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