Rasmus Bartender

Connecting people with cocktails, events and my yes hat!

Rasmus Bartender

Connecting people:

My passion is to connect people and bring smiles to their faces. I love entertaining, interacting and engaging with other people.

Cocktails and Events:

My weapon for achieving my passion is cocktails and events. Through that I get to connect people and entertain them.

Create, communicate and celebrate:

I love creating stuff. Whether it’s businesses, cocktails or something else. I love the process, the losses combined with the small victories.

My Cocktail Videos


My cocktail videos is simply something I really enjoy creating. My goal is to inspire people to make more cocktails with or without alcohol. It’s not as difficult as you might think. I do my very best to guide you through the whole process. Sometimes with too much energy. Watch it if you wanna know more about cocktails!

My Meetups


I have been a meet up creator for several years. I love hosting events and bringing minds together. In this moment I’m actually really trying to organize more meetups because it really gives you lots of new fresh energy. Which is always necessary to keep hustling 70+ hours a week.

My Business


I’m an entrepreneur by heart. My problem is more focusing on one project at a time than thinking of new business opportunities. But hey! I love the roller coaster, the tiny wins and the huge amount of losses. I will always keep smiling. Simply cause that will only make everything easier to go through.

My Cocktail Blog!

Here I share all my cocktail knowledge with you! It’s 100 % free to grab. I would just really appreciate your feedback and if you decide to make any then send me the pics! ?

if there is any cocktails you would like me to mix, or any ingredients you would like to challenge me with then let me know! I’m always up for a challenge!


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